Are you with your pet at all times during the day and night?

Does someone care for your pet while you are away at work?

Do you enjoy traveling with your pet to visit friends & family?

What if there is an emergency?

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Those who care for your pet, in your absence, will always have your pet's most vital information at hand, at all times. During medical emergencies, they will know exactly which hospital and vet to contact. If your preferred vet is unavailable, they will contact the next vet on your list. If neither are available they will still be equipped with your pet's entire medical and health history, allergies, current and past medications, dosage, a full vaccination history, blood-type, breed, emergency contacts and other critical information to make life-saving decisions!

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No matter where you are, you will always be prepared when it really matters. You will never again have to carry bulky binders with your pet's info. Hundreds of pets are lost every day. It could happen to anyone. But you can save time and be prepared with your microchip number, proof of ownership and other identifying information. You can get to the nearest reporting station and give them your Pawsport to scan all of your pet's information including photos, identification marks etc. without wasting precious minutes to begin their search.

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Alright! Now that we have all the serious stuff out of the way, how about some fun? Yes, the Pawsport takes care of that too! Record every trip/flight you take with your pet-baby. List flight routes, pet-friendly airlines that carry pets in-cabin so they're never alone. Track expenses (yes, we all splurge on our pets!). Make sure the pet hotel knows what brand/type/quantity of food to feed your pet along with their likes, dislikes, personality profile, what other pets can/shouldn't be paired with yours, list of approved toys, treats, what kind of naps/rubs they love and much more!

Get your hands on the best looking pet-book out there! It's GORGEOUS! The Pawsport is a HIGH-END pet product designed with attention to detail. Printed on premium bright LUXURIOUS paper. Double-bound for stability. BEAUTIFUL FINISHING, showing our love, care and commitment.

Our MATTE-LAMINATED cover feels so smooth, you'll want to hold it forever. You won't resist SHOWING-IT-OFF to everyone with pride, all the time! A great CONVERSATION STARTER when you meet new people and pet-owners. With five STUNNING COLOURS, you can pick one that suits your personality!

All your pet-friends will want one! You can't put a price on AWESOMENESS. They also make GREAT GIFTS for new, current and to-be pet-parents. The Pawsport has got the CUTEST MASCOTS ever, everyone loves them! Pawsports induce WARM & FUZZY feeling that make everyone's day better.

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